Building Relationships, One Customer at a Time

Many suppliers of tungsten carbide and tool steel components, finished parts and assemblies for oil & gas drilling and production equipment talk a good game, but have trouble backing up their words with actions.

At General Carbide, several things help us stand above other manufacturers of assemblies and components.

First, we’re fully integrated, which means we compress the powder into a billet, as well as sinter and finish the part in-house. That holds true for Valves, Chokes, Seats, Plugs, Cages, Mud Nozzles, Fixed Cutter Bit Substrates, Wear Sleeves Stabilizer Rings, Valve Assemblies and many more custom products. Our shorthanded way of referring to this capability is that we’ve got you covered from powder to polish.

Second, we offer quick turnaround. If you need an assembly or component, we’ll be responsive to your timetable.

Third, we set up and maintain safety stock programs to help ensure that you never experience downtime because of us.

Fourth, and finally, we’ll partner with you in ways that other tooling manufacturers won’t, or can’t. Specifically, we’ll work with you to develop custom grades of material on a trial basis to help you determine the best material composition for your application.

We can also help you develop optimal tooling geometries that help to ensure the best tooling performance.

By working closely with customers, we’ve successfully replaced under-performing materials with tungsten carbide and tool steels that reduce downtime and improve productivity.

In the meantime, what types of wear-related challenges can we help you overcome?

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